| June 27, 2019

April 25 earthquake: The nightmare of life

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When you have courage and passion to help others, I believe no any mega disaster could trouble you to do it. The same thing happened to me after the April 25 earthquake that struck at11:56 am. The earthquake shook everyone, terrorizing and making them weep through emotion.

I consider myself lucky enough to be involved, participate and trained in disaster management and I love volunteering as a youth because I have a feeling that we are born to serve others. I firstly saved my family members shifting to the Kanya Mandir School premises since it had a lot more open space. Then I looked for people around my city area that needed help. Without wasting my time, I with other volunteers managed to rescue old people from their houses to the same safe place.

The memorable incident was an old woman who had crossed more than 90 years was trapped in her own house. The earth was still shaking and we were in dilemma what would happen next. Her son had, too, lost hope to rescue her since she was physically and mentally weak. She had a broken physical posture and walked by crawling on the ground. That was the main reason why she couldn't be carried away nor could she walk on her won.
It was really a troublesome situation but I was capable of managing a wheel chair from nearby hospital named Chhetrapati Hospital where I worked. Fortunately, she was put on the wheel chair and was carried hurriedly to the same safe place. I was relieved internally.

I remembered the hospital where I worked so I quickly rushed toward there. The situation was unimaginable. It was just like a live movie where I was a spectator. The crowd of the wounded people was unable to be controlled by the doctors and nurses out there. I felt that my presence would definitely make a positive impact over there. Those moments which I underwent couldn't be described in words. Who would imagine of his/her dearest and beloved ones to have been killed by such a destructive earthquake? I was not able to believe that it was a dream or reality.

Since there was a limited number of health workers, I was managing the dead bodies and help the victims who were seriously injured to make a quick refer to nearby hospital either Bir or Model. I saw many dead bodies and I was tagging the name on their bodies so that it would be easy for their parents and relatives to identify it. I felt tragic when I held the dead body of a two-year-old kid. She was taken away so ruthlessly. Her mother was screaming out of emotion and control.

It was a tragic display. The injured were being brought continuously. The doctors were checking either they were alive or dead. Despite recurring earthquakes, I kept devoting myself to the welfare of others as I believe life is lived only when you are successful in making others live. The death toll was increasing in number. I kept on handling the dead bodies, shifting the injured patients and referring to other hospital as per the instruction of doctors. It was late night but the situation was under control. My phone began to ring. My parents were worried about me and commanded me to be present with them as soon as possible.

I did what I had to do. It was a heartbreaking day for me. It was a huge nightmare that would last for the rest of my life. It couldn't be erased from memory throughout the whole life.

I was happy that I did the right things by serving humanity. Life is limited. Nobody knows what will happen after death. So live till your hands have the guts to serve others because humanity hides there. Serving humanity is serving mankind.