| June 27, 2019

Be safe and rescue others

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The devastating earthquake measuring 7.6 on the Richter  scale that hit the country on April 25 shook all of us, causing a huge loss of lives and properties.

When the clock chimed 11:56 am, busiest Kathmandu city felt a great tremble of earthquake, sending people outdoors and leaving them panic-stricken.

It caused fear among common folks and in no time people were buried by their own houses; many of them were killed while some were rescued.

I was one among those rescued. I couldn't get out of my house although I was safe but the path was blocked. I was alone in the house to ask for help inside so I yelled at the top of my voice, "Help! Help! Help!"

Meanwhile, I glanced at some people walking nearby our house and they rescued me. I thanked them. Then, I phoned my parents who were in Lalitpur, but the connection was poor. I was depressed but soon they called me and said that they all were safe. It gave me a sense of relief. Then, after I was rescued, I thought it's my duty to help other victims nearby. I joined a group of youths and in a few minutes, more people joined us.

I still remember that I helped a small boy who was trapped in the bedroom and couldn't move as the way was blocked. I called my friend who was nearby me, and we rescued the boy together. He couldn't speak due to fear. We gave him water and some snacks and after some time he spoke to us, "Where are my parents?" He began to cry. We then tried to search his parents. Meanwhile, somebody knocked on the door and cried,"Ramesh","Ramesh". We then knew that they were his parents. Then, Ramesh stopped crying.

He hugged his father and mother. We asked his parents why they had left him alone. They replied, "We were in the kitchen, Ramesh was sleeping in the bed as the tremor was felt. We called him but he didn't answer. We tried to go to the room but the way was blocked so we ran away. We are thankful to you for rescuing our son." Then we handed Ramesh over to their parents.

This event made us feel proud and happy that we did something worthy. So, it's our prime duty to help the people who are in need and the society should also appreciate good works.