| June 27, 2019

Giving attention to earthquake victims

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A devastating earthquake measuring 7.6 on the Richter scale hit the nation on April 25, causing a huge loss of lives and properties.

It is really hard for every Nepali at home and abroad to erase that painful memory from our mind or even to remember that day. It made us realize how strange this life is, we cannot even trust the ground beneath us.

After experiencing such a mega earthquake, lots of things underwent changes, but the feeling of helping people and providing them with genuine care has not changed. I always have one feeling in my heart that Nepal is my home and all the Nepalese people are my brothers and sisters. With this strong feeling I started helping people from the very second day of mega disaster.

I went to Basantapur Durbur Square, Dharara as a helping hand and helped the Nepal Army to find the dead bodies and clean the areas. I worked with the Nepal Army for two days and realized that the people who lost their families, houses need help. I started to think what I could do for them. I shared my feelings and ideas with Khem Lakari, CEO at GATE College, who suggested to me with hot foods for hungry people. This is the best way of helping earthquake victims for us because in this period of time people are lacking nutritious and healthy food. So I made a team of 10 people who would prepare a hot food in the college and serve the people by going to their places. We served around 250 people daily in the different places in the Kathmandu Valley.

Hot Food For Hungry Campaign went very well; people were getting hot food even when they were not getting proper food. People were so happy and smiling; they forgot about their pain for moments and enjoyed their food. Still when I remember those moments I feel happy. Though Hot Food for Hungry people went for a couple of weeks but I never stop feeling for helping the victims. So, I continued my help in a different way; started to help as a trauma relief boy. I worked with different categories of people (School children, orphan, teens and old people). I experienced a number of challenges but still kept on moving. I took every challenge as a part of learning and development of my life. Honestly, this is the best moment of my life.

The new beginning to normal life is what we talk about now a days and it is not wrong as we have to sustain and maintain the economy of our nation. Can we take some time out of our normal life and think about those who are out there in those remote corners still waiting to be rescued? I suppose the value of their life is not less than ours and even they have the same rights as ours to live the same normal life. Let's join the hands for helping each other so that we will rise again.