| June 27, 2019

Dr. Ojaswi Pradhan and team HFRC

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Dr. Ojaswi Pradhan and team HFRC
Soon after Nepal was hit by an earthquake, Dr. Ojaswi Pradhan along with a team of her doctor friends formed a group to help earthquake victims.  To begin with, there was a need for funds. So everyone from her team started requesting friends and relatives abroad for whatever they could contribute. It did not matter if the help came in small amounts because at that moment even a small help counted as a big one. Soon the funds were received after relatives and friends from China, USA, UK, Hong Kong, Australia and Dubai collected funds for relief.
They then needed a name for their group and thus came up with a name called ‘Help Fund a Relief Camp (HFRC)’. They also made a Facebook page which further helped them collect money from abroad. 

After the arrival of financial aid, the group – HFRC-- decided to reach out to the people of Gorkha, one of the worst earthquake hit districts. Dr. Pradhan had a local contact in Gorkha, a respected businesses-man and a social worker, Mr. Bhaichandra Shrestha, who was active in providing relief materials in Gorkha.

HFRC collected information about Gorkha from Mr.Bhaichandra Shrestha and decided to go to Taklung VDC, Gorkha.  Meanwhile, in Kathmandu, HFRC started collecting materials like blankets, medicines, food, etc. from various organizations like Salt Trading, Bibekshil Nepali, Smart Paani, Kehi-Garaun and KUSOM. The group then bought other materials that were required. HFRC was basically a team of doctors but they even did labor work like loading and unloading trucks with sacks of rice and all other heavy things.

Dr. Pradhan along with two other members from the group left for Gorkha, a day before rest of the team, to observe and arrange the camp. She first had a meeting with Mr. Bhaichandra Shrestha and collected additional information on the camp site. She also requested the locals to make some general arrangements so that it would be easy for the team to conduct the camp smoothly.

On the next day, the remaining team of doctors came to Gorkha in a SUV and a truck loaded with relief materials and medicines. After short refreshment in Gorkha bazar, the team headed to the site. A few kilometers away from the main bazaar, there was a dangerous off-road and the team had to travel on this harsh road for around two hours. The road was so dangerous that the vehicle could slip-off the road in the approaching turns and bends.

Yet, the team reached the camp site and provided relief materials like tarpaulin, rice, lentils, salt, flour, mattresses, blankets, among others, for 100 families and also conducted a health camp treating over a hundred patients. After successfully conducting the camp, the team returned to Kathmandu. 

However, this was not the end to HFRC’s efforts. The team then conducted other camps in Aiselukharka and Bhimtar in Sindhupalchowk district.  The team also reached Sudal and other places in Kavre.

The team is still planning to carry further work for the relief of earthquake affected people.

Dr. Pradhan showed a tremendous dedication in serving the nation and people. Being a doctor, she was not only involved in treatment of the affected people but was equally helpful in providing basic relief materials to earthquake victims.

Despite her busy schedule and even after 24-hours of duty, she conducted camps on the next day. I believe she is doing an excellent job along with her team which is a big help to our society.