| June 27, 2019

An earthquake diary

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"When my watch's minutes hand and hour hand strike '11:56 am' my body starts to ache, my heart starts to beat haphazardly and my muscles start to cramp. Oh my God! That moment was really the worst time in my life because that was the time was when entire Nepal shook up. "
No, I did not write those sentences, my brother did.  Well, I do not consider him an ordinary kid. Yes! He is quite extraordinary. Extraordinary in the sense that he does not need anyone to encourage him, he talks about spiritual things and is a pure vegetarian. Noticing things which the society neglects is one of his hobbies and he loves photography though he is natural sciences student. His intelligence and discipline amaze me and while making me love him all the more.

He knows how to love a kid, understand a teenager, respect an elder and enjoy with siblings. Well, you might be thinking -- are these characteristics enough to label somebody extraordinary? What if I say yes? If a teenager has just passed SLC and enjoying the initial phase of his high school has such characteristics, it really makes him extraordinary.

When I compare him to the people of his age around me, his maturity kind of makes me proud of the fact that I’m his sister. Well, it’s true that my love for the best creature of this universe, for me, is beyond any explanation.

What is the point? You may ask. Why am I talking so much of him now and explaining his characteristics all of a sudden? I know I should answer this now. My brother, the precious little creature, was near Dharahara when the deadly earthquake struck and shattered the monument down into pieces. All that horror happened right in front of his eyes. Oh my god! How could those eyes which have not yet seen the worst part of life could witness such devastation?

How did that small heart go through that situation? How did my superhero stand and watch the pride of Nepal break down into pieces while ending the tale of many lives with it? How did he bear the situation when his dear mother-nature, whom he loved unconditionally, shook him so bad? And still, if I call him and ask ‘how are you doing?’ he replies, ‘I am fantastic di’.

Whenever I read any news on or feel even the smallest aftershock, I immediately make a call (immediately means the very first attempt of my call which network allows me to make), I ask him ‘how are you doing Malu?’

You know what also makes him extra special? He asks me how am I doing, am I alright or not instead of explaining his condition when he already knows I am at Pokhara and the condition is normal here compared to the other places of Nepal.

This brave creature of mine wrote the sentences highlighted at the beginning of the story. I try my best to understand his feelings, but I still cannot. I cannot even feel or imagine what he has gone through. I have seen him enjoy every bit of life; I have seen him smile in every harsh condition and make us smile in turn. He always made life simpler not only for him but for those around him as well.

And now, he is afraid. He says he just went through the worst phase in his life.

For you my little hero…