| June 27, 2019

I still remember

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The devastating earthquake of the April 25 has left us with an indelible experience that will never be erased from our mind. The fear that gripped us that day makes everyone shiver till date.

It was almost noon when the ground beneath us shook so violently that made us extremely frightened. Our houses collapsed making our hearts shake. Everyone gathered in the nearby thoroughfare trying on their mobile phones to call their near and dear ones. And soon came the heart-rending news about Dharahara and Basantapur Durbar Square that collapsed in the earthquake.

The quake aftermath was even more horrendous. Our lives were confined within the boundaries of the tents. People were afraid of entering their ruptured houses to get food and water. Shops were closed down that created a shortage of basic needs in the locality. However, the crisis brought all Nepali people together regardless of the language they spoke or religion they followed. Amidst all stood some individuals who helped us back to restoration.

On the second day of the great disaster came good news. Prakash Rai, locally called Tanker dai who commercially supplies drinking water in our locality, arrived with a tanker full of drinking water to quench our thirst.

We all helped him to distribute water to the locals. Consequently, we collected some amount of money and gave it to him so that he would be able to supply water to other needy areas. Satisfied by the deed of Tanker dai everyone showered him with thankfulness.

Therefore, Prakash Rai became a role model of humanity. His great effort for restoration is, indeed, a good epitome of selfless social service at a time of disaster.

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