| June 27, 2019


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25th April, 2095 

Dear, Someone up there, I don't know why I'm writing this letter to you. I'm not even sure that who is going to reach you sooner, this letter or me? But if this letter gets there first then I just want to tell you that I relive that departure everyday and not a day has passed that I do not miss you since then. Here I am today, after eighty years, just thinking about you like it happened yesterday. There was an earthquake today and it has stirred the cauldron of my memories again. I survived today, again. I don't know if I should consider myself lucky or unlucky but this takes me back to the time when I lost you in front of my eyes.

Being a hundred years is not easy, you know! All those people with whom I shared that day's memory are almost gone now. There are very few of them, maybe they're remembering that day like I'm doing. And I wonder if you had made through the rubble, maybe we would have been remembering those times together. I have become a little deaf and my eyes don't recognize people like they used to. I forget stuffs I did half an hour ago. But I can still remember the sound your last breath beneath the rubble and your hand that had gone cold on mine. I just wished that you had survived one more day, or I would have been sitting here with you, watching our grandchildren playing, instead of writing this letter. Why did you have to leave one day earlier, when you were there for me for 7 days, giving me hope for every second that we would be rescued? Yes, we got rescued, but you were cold outside as I was inside.

I remember the day when that earthquake struck, when our college building collapsed and only two of us had survived under our desk.How can I forget how you were holding my hand, giving me strength for seven days and left me helpless when I needed you the most, the day we got rescued. We were talking about starting all over after that ended, how we would become heroes together who had survived for so many days without anyone else but each other. That thought still brings goosebumps on me.

I had lost all the hope on the first day after the quake but you did not let me become hopeless. When I cried on the second day, you did not let my tears weaken me. When the helicopters came on the third day and went without spotting us there, you convinced me that they would come again. The fourth day, we heard people and tried to call them loud so that they would notice us but had gone away before we knew but you kept me calm.

The fifth day when we tried to move the rubble out but we got buried deeper but you still kept my hopes high. On the sixth day, when we were both too weak to call for help, you held my hand tight and said that you would never let me go. You were whispering, through your breath, promising me that we would start all the things over when we got out of that mess. But on the seventh day, you just left me, alone, just like that.

I spent another day, with your cold and stiff body beside me, your hands still holding mine. You did not seem like you were gone. You were so calm and motionless, as if you were in a deep slumber. I cried but you did not wake up to wipe my tears and tell me that everything would be fine, to tell me that people were going to find us and we would be heroes who survived in the rubble for so many days. I called your name and cried out as much as I could but you did not listen. A helicopter had come on the eighth day. They finally found us but I could not be happy because you were not there to share the happiness with me. How could I be happy when you, the one with hopes, did not survive? You were the one who deserved to live instead of me. Only if they had found us a day earlier or you had made it for one more day, maybe our world would have been different than what it is now.

I wish I could have been able to change our fate. But I guess this was meant to happen. Maybe that is why it is called fate. Moving on after that day was the hardest thing I tried to do in my life but it is still as difficult for me today as it was on the ninth day. But I've been happier these days because it's time that I will be there with you, talking about how I spent these eighty years with your memories. I think I've written a lot now. I will tell you rest of the things when I'm up there with you.

Dedicated to those whose soul is still trapped in that rubble.