| July 19, 2019
Importance of Social Media in shaping public opinion

Social Media in Crosshair of shaping Public opinion

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With the advent of information, communication and technology social media has been delivering fundamental right of information to people. Social media has been prime force to drive awareness to people about various current issues. Nepal, has been using social media progressively and profoundly in recent days. If we look back media played significant role in shaping our history. The wave of transformation comes form education and awareness, social media has circulated them as wildfire among public.

The power of social media can be seen how it helped people to unite, join activism, advocate and form the revolution. In Egypt tyrant ruler was de-throned with help of social media. The people came to know about good and bad so they voluntarily joined revolution. The content we share shapes opinion of others. Social media is powerful tool if we use wisely otherwise it can be disastrous.

The recent Gurkha-Nepal Earthquake 2015 demonstrate powerful and productive use of social media. Really how creative and innovative we were using our social media tools like Facebook, twitter e.t.c. The factual information from grass root came directly to stakeholder by which relief was more productive and helpful. The informal media was more accurate and systematic as formal lack reporters in every ground for reporting. There was several cases of misrepresentation and supply of falsified information which made angry to people awaiting aids. The intellectual cat fights, opinion clashes, hijacking relief materials, mis-supplying of information were few examples of media gaps. The best example can be of Indian media who forgot media ethics, played with sentiments of affected people just sprayed salt on fresh wound of people with silly and illogical questions. Again people decided to protest using hashtag #Gohomeindianmedia which is right use of social media. Indian media really portrayed bad, inhumane picture at Nepalese life and devastation caused by earthquake. Their misrepresentation of Nepal imprint negative attitude in Indian people about Nepal.

The social media has to be able to withstand its neutral ground and should provide un-biased, true information to public. We are entering into next phase of political instability. The role of social media in shaping our view has even increased. The situation is very fragile even small misinterpretation can cause huge loss of life and property. The media should not hurt sentiment of any society. There should be actual supply of information. The situation is getting worse day by day so is sensitiveness of issues is increasing. All people are relying on social media for updates and analyzing situation solely opinion of people are based on information supplied by social media.

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