| July 19, 2019
Importance of Social Media in shaping public opinion

Media from social viewpoint

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Social media today has become an integral part of our living. In fact today's world cannot be visualized without social media. Be it remaining in touch with school activities or getting updates for a new business venture or obtaining information about recent happenings, social media is a must. Such is the scope of social media in the present-day world.

In this era of communication and technology social media has played a crucial role in shaping public opinion. Audiences usually tend to depend particularly upon social media to inform themselves especially on the field in which they do not possess much knowledge .In fact they are the source of opinion itself. We form opinion after knowing an event, incident or decision and it is the media that makes people acquainted with the current affairs. So, in this sense social media, as the title speaks, is a mediator between events and people, thus manipulating the contents it presents.

Mass media brings all together what is called 'Simulated Reality' to our lives. This can be elaborated in what is called 'Cultivation Theory'. The theory was formed in the year 1980 by Gross, Gerbner, Morgan and Signorielli.Cultivation Theory holds that the popular media, such as television, has the power to influence our view of the world and is "primarily responsible for our perceptions of day to day norms and reality".

Social media is the key to setting agendas and focusing public interest on current issues and particular subject. It creates platform for public debate and bring different ideas and opinions together. Drawing on a multidimensional model of the communication processes social media acts as an influential factor in shaping the opinion of public.

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