| July 19, 2019
Importance of Social Media in shaping public opinion

Public notion and social media

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Modern world is beyond imagination without social media. Social media has helped in the exchange of information from every part of the world. No matter which continent you hail from, social media has become important for everyone. A student uses social media to keep in touch with his friends and sum up his daily assignments. For a businessman too, social media is a helping hand for leading his business to success through advertisements. Even to public it is a source of information of recent happenings and means of sharing their ideas and thoughts. Therefore the benefits of participating in social media have gone beyond social sharing to shaping public opinion.

Nowadays there is a majority of social media users. But only few people think for themselves and form their own opinions. Most of the people accept what they see, hear and read through social media they prefer. People all over the world believe what and how those events are reported by the social media and make it their personal opinion.

The influence of social media is also elaborated by 'Cultivation Theory'. The theory was formed in the year 1980 by George Gerbner and Larry Gross from a research project entitled 'Cultural Indicators'. This theory states that the popular mass media like television has direct influence on our perception. We form opinion based on what we see and hear.

To sum up, social media enhances communication and moulds opinion of the people as most of the social media users are more likely to perceive the world as it is portrayed on the screen. Thus social media is, indeed, a boon to all.

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