| July 19, 2019
Importance of Social Media in shaping public opinion
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Shail Suman Silwal

And How Do I Feel

"The criminal should be caught and should be sentenced to death. He should also feel the same pain that I am going through DD" with her eyes full of tears she said to me. I looked at her burnt face. The acid had not only burnt her skin but it had killed her from inside.

I was sad as I could only see 1000 people standing to raise their voice who could actually internalize the affliction of victims.

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Moin Uddin

When the educated turn uneducated!

Since time immemorial we are raising our voice to eradicate the torture and unethical punishments that women faces in a day to day life.

Despite raising many similar voices by several other means be it on television, radio, newspaper or by organizing rally in the major places or sitting outside of the ministers home and offices also sometimes dismantling the property in rage we have by our hard efforts achieved nothing significant other than the sweet statement of the officials saying that they’ll investigate and bring the culprit to the public and shall punish him/her to the harshest.

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Subhasini Shrestha

Why us and not them?

If asked "if you had the choice to be born as a boy or a girl, would you chose otherwise?" The answer may vary from situation to situation. If a girl goes through a trauma for just being herself, than may be she would have chosen otherwise..

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