| July 19, 2019
Importance of Social Media in shaping public opinion

Stop Complaining!

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Everything in life depends on our perceptions. The way we look at situation makes us different than others. It was the time when I was in 2nd year, doing my BBA. After walking for an hour, I had to travel for 2 hours in microbus everyday for my college. In the way, my mind was always preoccupied with thoughts.

Attending classes till 4 then travelling in microbus for almost 2 hour and again walking for an hour to reach my house was really tiresome. I always felt sad and looked at the people around, riding scooter to reach their destinies. Exhausted and famished I used to come out of the micro and start walking. In summer the scorching heat from sun would make me feel sick and dehydrated.

One day as usual I came out of microbus and started walking. That day I was exhausted and wanted to reach home fast so that I could relieve myself. The way seemed too long and I was feeling sad for having to walk when I wanted so much to take rest. After walking for few minutes I met an old lady. She had wrinkles in her face and was lean and thin. Her face clearly showed the hardship and pain she was suffering from. I thought of talking with her and approached her. She was not feeling well so she had gone to hospital. After waiting for several hours she was not able to meet doctor so she returned back. I asked her about her children. She said they don’t live with her. She said she stays alone in a rented house. Her house was even farther than mine. She was walking without complaining about her life. That day I thought rather complaining about things, we should make an effort and mend it ourselves.

That old lady had to cook herself and was living on her own. No one was there to take care of her. Her husband was no more in this world. Though she was not feeling well she had to walk for an hour to reach home. Looking at her condition, I felt bad. That old lady though was alone she didn’t complain about her life instead she smiled at me with a weary face and walked slowly.

There was one lady in my village. She was above 80 years old but also used to do everything herself. While returning back from village she carried all my heavy bags herself in “doko” and even picked “kafal” from tree just for me. She was old but also so strong. She was an independent woman. I had also met so many people in village. I played with kids. There, people have to work all day to live their lives. They don’t have enough time to eat properly. When I used to roam around with those kids a small girl had to carry her sister wherever she go. May be at this time that girl might have become a married woman.

Though people have to suffer hardship, some of them enjoy their life to the fullest without complaining. That small child used to get scolding for not taking good care of her sister. Instead of going around and playing with kids of her same age she had to help her mom in doing household chores. But also she used to enjoy each and every moments of life. It is said opposite values are complementary to each other. When there is happiness there is pain as well and with every night there comes a new morning with new opportunities around. Sometimes we become ecstatic while sometimes we pass through sad and difficult moments. The important thing is how we overcome problems and face challenges to move ahead.

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