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Women empowerment

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My mother has managed half her life getting introduced as my father’s wife then someone’s daughter in law, further it does not end there its continuing to grandmother, aunt blabla.I also have sister whom I respect and love dearly, she got her education, was able to introduce herself with what she does, and I used to see ease in her social life. Then one day she got married and then life took u turn in her relationship, she became someone’s wife, someone’s daughter- in- law above all she was condemned to change her living address. After marriage she was to live on other side of relation with new identity. I don’t know much about women empowerment but my mother and my sister are the one to suffer all their life.

Nature had made us so unique that we still could not decipher much of our human structures vividly and are amenable to the pre confirmed theory of human body and its functioning. Thus biological process like menstruation are behaved as an alien thing even though that happens to anyone born as female, so called cultured and groomed family do process this ritual of excluding the female members of the house from the contact of daily dwelling. In famous story titled ’fathers journey’ by Prajwal Parajuly -Gurkha’s Daughter- , he had crafted the ordeal a daughter has to go through due to this stupid custom, also he had projected the trauma that she has experienced during her period which ultimately had lifelong consequences in her decision making. You may say It’s just a fiction but aren’t the fiction an imagination blossomed in the society we grew? You may say why women empowerment in this case; but my answer would be why not here

The world seems quite surreal when a girl looks pretty and you have your desire in her body. When you fantasize about her fragile breast, adrenaline rushes in to your head and you could not withhold it, the beauty that you use to idolize seems a lost story, and rest seems futile unless you could not achieve it all. Also in reality our mind dwells in some inane details like; what is that lump of muscle protruding out of her body? Why her hip too broad/lips so red? Why is her body too seductive? On other hand we forget there is also something protruding inside our pants, which wriggles now and then without any notion. We are proud it does not have to shape out of pants so no extra labor to be shameful about it. We stare in awe when a girl walks in front of us-even girl is in mini skirt/kurtha or in sari. We begin to master the vision with something editing, adding and ponder ourselves in to the sea of chauvinism. Least of all, if think ourselves as social (culture) being, we try to woo her to marriage, and end of chapter.

No one wants to think women as the one who can approach or choose the partner. Its encrypted in every social related beings that women are there to feel shy, be fragile, walk like they are hurting the ground, smile like it’s a charity, bow like faithful servant, talk less hear more, be far away from your human desire, more of all do not be as near to characterizing as like men. I don’t care how women empowerment works but every women living alone and independently in the chaos city deserves a respectful and sedate environment.

In my village we hire some workers to help in field, women for sowing, reaping and men for ploughing, hauling works, but my mother or most of my villagers serves different meals and khaja set for men and women. First women are meant to come early and leave late, eat what least is served, do every chores assigned and get paid significantly less than men. But most men after work directly enjoys the alcohol served in corner shop and only leaves for home for prepared meal that wife has prepared after returning from the work and finally ends mundane day by ushering herself to the hands of her husband for the dessert of the night. Debate may boil in the five star hotels of city about women empowerment but every woman in our village, city or even in every home deserves an unbiased catering of justice.

Some infamous sentence in society, culture, literature is that "Until there is marriage there will be prostitution","Men want son on their lap and women on their bed". Saying like this are generally used to get full attention of the mass or abuse the structure of the society, but we can’t negate the fact it is iterating about the darker aspect of our so called happy family. Feminism, as Chima Manda Nagichie enunciated that it’s a belief of equality of sexes in every sector of society. I do not have a single reason to disagree with her ideology; it brags about concept of sex and its diversity in society rather veil it. Unless every member of society do not accept their different modes of body structure and its continual changes then it can’t liberate further. Embracing the truth and mending it for better humankind conceive the righteous society.

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