| July 19, 2019
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Pulling women backward - sexual violence

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Women can do as much as men. There is no difference between women and men. Yes!! these are the words that I hear now-a-days often. But really they are? A big question mark.

I want to believe and believe but wait there are some aspects in the society which pinch that there are still differences between men and women.

Women are highly educated, working in reputed companies with reputed title and are contributing in the development of the country by coming forward in every sectors.

But still why do guardians feel insecure when their daughters are out of the house when day sign off. Why parents have to be over-protective when their child is girl.

Yes these are still questions our soceity needs to feel. If boys and girls were equal then parents don't need to feel these insecurities at all.

But time and again we hear such news from our surroundings which raise these questions again and again in my mind.

A recent news of raping a young girl blow my mind. And this is not only the case. There were many cases of sexual violence to young girls before too. Some were even killed by rapist and other died incourse of treatment.

I just wonder what kind of people were they who commits such hideous and inhuman act just for their moment pleasure. What kind of thoughts they have?

Is this lack of education? Will education solve these problems? No, there are many people who are educated enough but still commits such inhuman acts such as sexual violence after marriage, sexual abuse in workplace or outside and many more.

These sexual violences are really pulling women and girls backward from moving forward in outer world. There is always some fear in the family when they send their women and girls out for the purpose of studies or work.

Any woman and girl can't feel secure in any part with all those sexual violences around. These are pulling women from being free and independent to work and study.

There should be some strict rules that nation should adopt regarding sexual violences. Some people are also demanding dead penalty for commiting serious sexaul violences but I think its not right.

There should be some kind of punishment for those guilty people which would make them realize that they have commited crime and it has not only affected the victim but it will effect the daughters of whole nation.

There is need of such law that it not only punish the guilty person but also aware and discourage others from commiting any sexual violences in any circumstances.

Let these rapists work in the maternity ward in hospitals where pregnant women are suffering from labour pain and make them clean those stuffs and may be they would feel the pain of being women.

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