| July 19, 2019
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Let's Stop Violence Against Women

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History clearly speaks that our species is the most brutal species in the whole history of living creatures. Tiger attacks, eats and thing ends there. He never tries to harm his own species. He simply walks away when he fulfills his hunger. But we humans have different sorts of hunger. That’s the reason we attack our own species, leave scars, then we again attack over time and again and we never confess that we have attacked and we try to find every possible way to cover our heinous act. We have found a ways of attacking. Different ways of attacking.

The government should construct a human zoo for our wildness not a prison house. Every civilized person and a society demands a culprit to be displayed in an open light, they don’t even deserve to dwell like a tunnel rat inside the dark cell behind the bars.

I am trying to relate the incident that is sickening our whole society and don’t know how long that brutal incident will continue. I am speechless. May be we all are. A person comes from nowhere, hurls acid over an innocent girl. He runs, gets disappear in the thin air and cops can’t find him. A guy annoyed with less dowry pours kerosene over a body of a girl, his hands doesn't tremble neither his heart shakes when he lights a fire and burns his own wife alive. We talk about kinship, brotherhood and love but as we have read, the helpless children, girls and women are brutally raped by the so called kin and brothers. And they are the one who seeks for shelter in every possible way. They don’t even dare to get mixed in some groups or parties who advocates about people’s welfare. He gets protected like a tortoise inside the hard shell. Government seems to be reluctant to address this impunity. News goes viral in the newspaper, online. People hit likes. Gossips in comment. Human right organization and some intellectuals start putting their opinions. Students with banners and placards walks in the street. Gender issue gets revived again giving rise to a new debate? Is this all have we been waiting for? Was our government waiting for this particular day? Or are we still waiting for the big storm to blow our own roof?

As the time is passing, the complexities of societies is giving rise to a new form of crimes which is putting much pressure on women to save their lives in spite of making them much stronger to cope with every kind of problems in a so called modern society where they can raise their voice against all the intolerable act. It clearly proves that the cerebrum of men brains still consist of the leftover of ancient beliefs, egoistic attitude which they trigger time and again to fulfill their baseless desires to summon someone by force. Girls are not safe in their own family. Where will be the safest place for them in which they will have no fear of being themselves? I mean the description of being themselves that their society and family have piled over them concerning the gender rules that doesn't match with the progressive and civilized society at present.

Who is trying to put full stop in the voices and freedom of women? How long we are bound to raise questions? Does government only give answers in exclamation? Do they take full responsibility of those girls and women’s who are sipping their own tears for the unbearable pain they have endured? What a government can do to help them stand in their own feet and fight against all the brutality? What will be the roles of the local community, youth and women clubs, National and international NGOs and the individual to lessen all the crime against women? Now it’s a time to seek for answers. If we lag behind the time then the violation against women will take a devastating form.

There is very less punishment for the offender who does a crime against women according to our country’s law. It seems like government is trying to give them a sigh of relief which further adds more pain to the victim’s life. So the laws should be overlooked and the governing body should add more punishment to the culprit so that he could have a hard life in cell and would realize his mistakes for the time he spends there. They should legally force the offender to make a fair restitution to the victims and their families for the restoration of their right. They should also pursue every effort to help the victim to integrate in the society by aiding them physically and mentally. They should create a familiar environment for the victims in the local police office and headquarters where they can come and share their problems openly. They should also station the local cops in every public places for patrolling and anyone found guilty for abusing and misbehaving with women should be punished severely in front of the public. CCTV camera should be installed in every public places and transportation. Government should completely eradicate the dowry system from the society and should aid the poor families with required money to sustain their life.

It is said that where the government couldn't reach, NGOs and INGO’s fix their tent. They have got different sort of programs for empowering women and sustaining their rights in the family and community but however it doesn't seem to be effective everywhere. The model pioneered by a single person or a society or some western brains may not work equally in every places. One has to make a subtle study about the cultural and physiological traits of the local community in order to impose one’s work. Most of the programs hasn't reach to the marginalized community .only handful of people has been benefited by them. So to strengthen the voice of women and to establish their rights in society they have to cooperate with the government and work together. It will surely bring the fruitful result in the field of women empowerment. When women are empowered they can fight for themselves and for the one who cannot fight.

Local community, clubs and volunteering organization should provide a psychological and social assistance to the women suffering from different kinds of violence. They should run public awareness programs in every house educating the family about the role of the women, their rights and freedom. In case of women, if they are victimized society usually change their lenses to see them. They shower sympathy over the victims but when they have to conduct marital affair and some cultural or religious ceremony their aesthetic beliefs, purity and supreme caste ideologies completely blind them. This should soon be ended otherwise every girl born in the family grows up thinking that she has to save herself from being discarded, not victimized. A family should always support their female members and make them feel like they share equal rights and freedom in the family and their decision plays vital role to construct the environment they wish to see in their lives and society.

I want to remember one of the inspiring quotes of Mahatma Gandhi. “Be the change you wish to see in this world.” Every changes in the world starts with us so as an individual we can do lots of work to stop every sort of violence against women. First thing is to be aware of the thing happening around us. Are our own mother, sister or friends are in some sort of violence from their own family or society? Have we been attentively and sincerely listening to them? How have we taken it? Those who seem to be quiet at times may need our support and care. Some women hide their problems fearing of family prestige in society and their future. Their suppression of pain is seen in their daily works and behavior. As an individual we have to speak for those whose voice has been deterred. We have to prompt them to speak against the entire intolerable act that has troubled them. We have to warn those who try to misbehave and offend them.

And what about us? As a woman if we are targeted by some offenders and criminal minded men, what will be our role? First we need to be strong. To be silent and letting go of the situation will further provides more strength to the offender. We have to tackle this situation with courage. On the spot, we have to protest it. Raise our voice and curb every possible effort of the offender. We have to share everything with our close ones so that they could give us a solution. We also have to be aware of what we speak and what we do. We should be kind and polite to all and should never trust anyone without knowing them completely. Only men are not responsible for every sort of violence against women. There are the cases of domestic violence where Mother-in-law and sister-in-law have been involved. Sometimes the tradition beliefs and baseless rumors aids in the violence. So as an individual we may be a brother, sister, mother or father whoever we are our perception, views and thinking matters. To end the violence or to fuel it depends upon us. Women should be respected and should be given first priority in every field so that they could succeed and progress. Until and unless if we don’t build the positive attitude towards women then there’s no way we can end the violence against them forever.

Whenever I read, hear and watch about the violence against women in newspaper, online, radios and Television my anger really boils up. This has been really intolerable to me. I can’t imagine how the real victims have been coping with it? It makes me to ruminate, why the morality is degrading in this world? Every year government and different organization celebrate women’s day with different sorts of slogans. I think women’s issue should not be raised and readdressed only in that particular day. There has to be a fierce debate on this thing? Collectively with our knowledge and ideas we may find some solutions to stop every sort of violence against women. And in this process, the ideas and proposal of victims, women’s welfare community and organization should fairly count.

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