| July 19, 2019
Importance of Social Media in shaping public opinion

Is acid attack a gender issue or a criminal issue?

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Acid attack, burning women, child rape are solely issues that originate from criminal psychology - as other inhuman cold blooded crimes like homicides, kidnapping, murder, manslaughter etc.  originate from.  Such crimes do not have direct relation to gender issue triggered by male honor, rejection, dowry, and many more… that are often stated and used by our countries media to fill their pages.

Hence it’s the role of the government, if our government is really concerned about eradicating such criminal activities from our society,  is to study in-depth of the wills, thoughts, intentions and reactions of criminals, as well as all that involves in the criminal behavior, the field of criminal anthropology. Firstly, a deep study in ‘‘what makes someone commit a crime?’’,  is needed to prevent our society from such hideous acts.

The motive of the ngo’s should be to help the society, as many may be doing and many may not, and not just be a dollar farming industry. The role of the media should be to study severely into the subject,  analyze the news they receive and not publish any kind of bullshit just to fill up their pages that may create another turmoil in the society. And the role of the judiciary is the research in-depth of any such crimes and announce adequate punishment, so that other such criminal minds fear to commit such crimes. The role of the responsible citizens is to be aware and conscious of any kind of suspicious criminal activities as well as any kind of corruption taking place in the society. Since corruption is the mother of all crimes – corruption is one major cause the society is plagued by such inhuman acts.  

I again repeat, ‘corruption is the mother of all crimes’, as I have tried to explain in my fiction book – “Rahasya – One Dangerous Mystery, probably the first legal fiction of Nepal”. Stopping corruption helps us to a great extent to protect our society from such forms inhuman crimes.

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