| July 19, 2019
Importance of Social Media in shaping public opinion

End it now!

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Say no to violence against women. Well, we have been saying this since long. However, there has been no substantial improvement about this pressing issue. So, do not just say it, but also show it with your actions. As a responsible citizen, to ameliorate unacceptable torture towards women in various forms, we are accountable, and our each little deeds counts.

In a male dominated society, like ours, where a boy child is preferred, and seen as a sign of luck and prosperity. It is believed that violence against women begins even before they come out from the womb of their mother. Thus, this is the root of the problem, often overlooked. This just depicts how our mindset is accustomed to take women as an insignificant part of our society. This social stigma has to be completely casted out from our minds, and values of gender equality should be promoted, established at all levels of society.

Increasing number of rape cases, sexualised torture, trafficking, son preferences, early marriages, sexual threats, incest, acid burning, and dowry-related violence among others reflect the continuing negligence of the state to protect women’s human rights. Often, most of the violence cases, against women, go unheard because of the fear and shame the victim feels which disable them to file a complaint. Therefore, the perpetrators of the violence escape easily, and this, off course, encourages them to find another potential victim. In addition, due to lack of strict legal punishment and gender discriminative demeanour of the society, offenders are becoming habitual offender.

To curb this noxious illicit inhumane act, firstly, religious and cultural defects of discriminative tenets should be eradicated from the society, and even made illegal. Furthermore, women should be provided with equal rights, as men, by the constitution of the country to enable them to enjoy equal freedom and fundamental human rights. Added to that, government and private sectors have a key role to play in empowering women by providing equal rights, education, job opportunities, and benefits in the workplace. Finally, every individual should report about the violence or potential violence against women to the concerned authority. If not, we become an accomplice in the crime.

In my opinion, much of the problem would be solved if only we treat women as a valuable part our life, the live giver. Moreover, the best place to practice this is your home, love your mother, wife, and your sisters, and treat them well with great dignity. By doing so, you will have a different perspective about them, and you will naturally treat other women in the same manner. Undoubtedly, this will influence others, unconsciously, to treat women in all the good ways they can. Most importantly, government should acknowledge women as a force of change, and treat equally as their male counterparts.

End violence against women, end it now, and be a part of it.

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