| July 19, 2019
Importance of Social Media in shaping public opinion

Break the Silence!

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Violence is an everyday reality act now always and forever.

Our society is a male dominating society. From the past till the present, females are always being backward, underestimated and those who tried to raise their voice they were suppressed by the society.

They think that women are physically weak than the men. They think that women are written in Braille so it is necessary to touch them. The hilarious act His ego is hurt in front of his friends and finally decides to harm kidnaps or throw acid. A few days ago that guy was in love with the girl and now even his hand doesn’t tremble to throw acid on her. And if the cops find him he is just punished for few years. And this is what we call justice. A business residing from the past for the enjoyment of the kings and superior and till now it degrades the women status, the self-respect and the confidence to overcome the situation. By using the women it leaves them of nowhere. This pathetic business is now commonly known as prostitution. In the past kings use to have prostitutes who use to serve them and till now it is prevailing in the our world. Girls are trafficked to countries like China Thailand, India etc by convincing the illiterate poor village girls to give them good jobs but opposite to that they are either sold in brothels or involved in low wage jobs. Once they enter the brothel their whole life is ruined. It is like a slow poison that slowly kills the girl by mental torture or suffering from HIV. The problem doesn’t end here. The act of women violence is still prevalent in our society. How a person can be so heartless that a wife who sacrificed her comfortable life to him and his family by serving him, is physically beaten by him with even no sympathy and mercy. But the wife is still loyal to the family and doesn’t pip out in the fear of social stigma. This silence provokes them to do more violence on them.

Some people have become so mercy less that they even abuse the children. Yes, let’s face the reality even our children are not safe because of some evil minded people in the society. Even 8 years old girl is raped by her own relatives. This clearly says that our society is degraded in a label that cannot be upgraded. I’ve no word to describe those people who do this act because there are no such evil words to describe the evilness beyond the limit. Girls in the office, school etc are sexually harassed by their boss seniors and teachers and relatives. They cannot speak out clearly in the family about what is happening in their life. Because relatives are the family members and in most cases not even their parents believe them. And they get depressed.

Dowry system is a so called culture in which the girl’s parents have to give money in return because they are marrying their sons to their daughter. But in some cases family are very poor and cannot afford giving dowry. They are given threatening that they will not marry their daughter if not given dowry. And burned alive because they don’t give dowry. This results to gender inequality because parents don’t want to give birth to a female child in the fear of giving dowry. And they think that why to educate a daughter because she will marry and go in her husband’s house. They are not given equal facilities in compare to the male child.

But now it’s enough. As I said in the beginning, women are suppressed and underestimated from the past till the present but let’s not let it happen  in the future. We should make it happen not by saying but by acting towards it.

The culprit should be sentenced death then the evil minded people will learn a lesson. The hands that touch the girls without their permission should be cut off. We wait for the day when it happens why not today why not now. We act when a incident happens but why can’t we prevent it before it happen.

Break the silence!!! And let’s make it happen by doing it.

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