| July 19, 2019
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INGO is not bad itself

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An INGO is a not-for-profit, non-political and international non-governmental organization. The main focus of INGO is to provide relief and development aid to the sectors like education, health and employment in a country. To our misfortune, we hear from time to time that there have been drawbacks and embezzlements of INGO.

It is shameless. While working with one of the reputed organizations, I saw real activities taking place daily. I do not blame the donors for foreign aid but the members that take care of it. There is an old adage, "wealth opens the third eye of even lord Shiva". If financial transactions of all INGOs are brought under the government banking system (Nepal Rastra Bank) the organization will be held more accountable. As a result, it will earn popularity in the society. It is nonsensical to talk like eating beef in the homeland with our kids without taking cultural and religious backgrounds into account.

We should keep in mind that we are from diverse cultural backgrounds, follow different religions, yet we have a unity in diversity. Discriminating against one another on the basis of color should be made punishable. Tourism is flourishing due to our cultural, religious and ethnic varieties.

To conclude, INGO is not bad itself - its reputation depends on how we run. If we make its financial activities transparent and run it with pious objectives, it will earn popularity, stop being controversial.

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