| June 24, 2019
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Cocktail of hopes and doubts

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INGOs are generally defined as non-governmental and non-profit making organizations. Quite contrary to this definition, most of the INGOs in Nepal have so far proven themselves only as profit milking organizations. INGOs in Nepal have become a place for easy money-making. For obvious reason, INGOs are here to improve society and people's life especially of the underprivileged ones- may it be by contributing in the development of education or health or agriculture or any other sectors. INGOs were welcomed for one and only reason - to help people or to involve in philanthropic deeds. But to their dismay, Nepalese people have been witnessing only tit-bits of achievements and a huge misappropriation of the funds that otherwise, without doubt, would have to be spent on philanthropic deeds.

Even though the history of INGOs in Nepal is not so long, it is long enough to attain its set goals. Yes, small achievements have been made but INGOs can't always bask in the glory of these mere achievements and continue to vex people. If INGOs were doing what they are actually meant to then a very few numbers of INGOs would have sufficed: INGOs are outgrowing in numbers only not in actions. Still all INGOs can't be put in the same basket for there are some INGOs who really are doing great jobs. Since majority of INGOs are corrupt, people have negative outlook toward the term' INGO' itself and the innocent ones too have to pay for others' sins. With many cases of INGOs' apathy toward people and financial frauds, peoples' distrust toward INGOs is an inevitable one.

Amid this distrust and dissatisfaction, Social Welfare Council (SWC) has recently made a decision, and quite a right one, to bring financial transactions of INGOs under the government banking system for accountability and transparency. If financial transactions of INGOs undergo audits of government banking system, there will be less or no chances of misuse of funds and people will get to know the whereabouts of the financial activities of INGOs. It is, without doubt, cent percent the government system's inefficiency that so many INGOs exist in registration only, funds have been misappropriated, and rules have been violated. The decision of SWC to penalize the wrong ones will hopefully serve as the harness to direct them to the right path. INGOs can regain people's trust by sincerely and seriously complying with this decision and other rules.

Though this decision of SWC has sprouted hopes, it also has left ample room for doubts. System of Nepal has time and again proven itself unsuccessful in implementation of the decisions; there are so many decisions made earlier whose fates are still undecided. Will this decision of SWC meet its fate? Will it ever be implemented into action and be able to realize its results? Time (alone) will tell whether or not this decision gets materialized and be able to achieve of what it intends to.

So then will it be a good strategy to wait and watch while enjoying a glass of hopes and doubts? Will it be better to leave the rest to time and keep yourself mum? Or won't it be best to raise voice and contribute (whatever it takes to) for the proper implementation of the decision? If we won't then who will?

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