| June 24, 2019
Importance of Social Media in shaping public opinion


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Everytime when the matter arraises about any non-government and government organization their transparency and accountability have always been the matter of hot discussion. In present many many INGOs are recently going through the issus of transparency and accountability. There are few who are fulfiling their duties well but there are many who are busy idealizing themselves. When these non profit organizations become profit oriented then it become a proposition for government as well as civil society.

In my personal opinion the step that Social Welfare Council is planning to take will certainly create transparency and accountability for INGOs in Nepal. According to my perspectiive the measure to carry out financial transaction of all INGOs through Government Banking System will be an effective method to keep hawk's eye surveillance on more than 250 INGOs (src. SWC) working in Nepal

If we put a glimps on Governance and Economic reform immediate  action plan 2069, under the clause 13 (corruption and transparency) it is necessary for all INGOs working in Nepal to publicize their budget ,completed work expenditure and human resources in an integrated manner however the cases of fabricating the audits have been witnessed . But when their transaction comes under government banking system their gross incoming budget becomes visible and hence assist to determing their actual condition which will help to obliterate hypocracy and classify them according to national priority.

According to the new measure the expenditure transaction also applies the government banking system. In this case their work can be countedand visibility of work can be determined As a whole we can analyze their eficiency in changing the lives of the people. Their financial irregularities can be pinpointed. Whenthis happens they become more accountable to their stakeholders and hence can have better coordination with government to achieve the mos in the relevant field.If in case they really want this to happen.

To sum up ,this step helps to filter who and what is good for society. If the philantrophy really dwells within them then they must be ready to face this huddle or else it can be presumed that they are here simp-ly to feed their elites and nothing more than that.This is the test for one and all.

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