| April 21, 2019

We wanted to tell people that coke and momo makes great combination

We wanted to tell people that coke and momo makes great combination
Coca-Cola's promotional campaign 'Coca-Cola Mo:Motsav' is coming to an end. Republica talked to Alok Kohli, country director of Coca-Cola for Nepal, to know more about the campaign and its objectives. Excerpts:

What is Coca-Cola Mo:Motsav?

Coca-Cola is the most preferred drink in Nepal and momo is one of the highly consumed foods in the country. Coca-Cola Mo:Motsav is a campaign that aims to bring together number one food and number one drink to consumers. Under the campaign, consumers can get accompanied with different types of momo across different restaurants in the valley, Coca-Cola and celebrities like Shristi Shrestha and Priyanka Karki. For us, this campaign is a way to tell consumers that it is a great combination to have Coca-Cola and momo together.
How successful has the campaign been?

We are really happy. More than 1,000 food outlets participated in the campaign. It gathered lots of attraction; many people came to me to say 'what a great idea!' It is amazing to note that 'Coca-Cola Mo:Motsav' video posted by Shristi Shrestha has got 50,000 views. It has been a great start for us and hopefully we will try to make the campaign bigger and better in the coming years.

Why was the campaign limited to Kathmandu Valley only?

As I said, this is just the beginning. Though the campaign was limited to Kathmandu Valley, it attracted huge participation, support and crowd. However, Coca-Cola will certainly go outside Kathmandu with such campaigns.

Is there any reason behind choosing Shristi and Priyanka as the face of the campaign?

A simple reason was that both are amazing people and amazing food lovers.

Please tell about the restaurants that were part of the campaign.

We ran the campaign along premium as well as normal restaurants and food outlets. We ran the campaign through all types of restaurants because the inclined objective was to tell all types of consumers that Coca-Cola and momo is an amazing combination.

What was your personal experience in this campaign?

It was a great experience to me as I got to taste different types of momo which I had never tested with Coke. The combination of chocolate momo and cheese momo with Coke was really amazing.