| May 19, 2019

Calling innovative women to #MakerKT

Calling innovative  women to #MakerKT
KATHMANDU, June 18: In order to encourage more girls to cultivate their innovative spirit, Karkhana is organizing #MakerKT workshop for five weeks. The idea behind the 'skill focused' workshop is to 'spark a culture of maker women, undaunted by the prospect of tools, materials and skills.'

Starting from June 28, the workshops will be held three times a week on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays for at least 15 sessions.
Samana Shrestha, who is managing the event with Priya Joshi, says, "We want to encourage women to pursue their interest in tech and design. We do have hackathons and other events but it's dominated by men. And we realized that there was no space where they could do so. That's how this workshop came about."

To persuade interested students and women from a range of professions to participate, the classes are scheduled for two hours from 7 to 9 AM in the morning. Divided into two sessions, the first two weeks will be focused on basic introduction of art and design; coding; design; tool usage of clay, metal, wielding, woodwork; and basic electronics. And discovering their interest in a particular topic, the remaining three weeks will then be the time for the participants to work on an idea. They can work in groups or independently according to their interests.

Samana says, "In the final weeks, we can also connect the participants with professionals who can help or mentor them in their projects."

The classes will be fully interactive and participatory with participants being encouraged to share their knowledge with others.

Look up #MakerKT on Facebook/ Twitter to register.