| May 23, 2019

Nepali android apps setting a new milestone

Nepali android apps setting a new milestone

The number of Nepalis using smartphone has been increasing by the day, so are mobile apps designed to cater the local users. With time, incredible changes have been seen in Nepali android apps – both in terms of user interface and user experience.

Each app has been playing a vital role in fulfilling the needs of an end user. Available in Google PlayStore, Nepali apps like Hamro Patro, Hamro Keyboard, LokSewa, nLocate, Smart Krishi, etc are customized to suit the taste and need of local users. However, only a handful of these apps have been successful in setting a new milestone and have made found their way into phones globally.

Here are some of the Nepali android applications that have given new flavor to an end-user with their quality content.

Hamro Patro

It's an all-in-one app for getting updated with Nepali festivals, date, news, Foreign exchange market, and many more. This app integrates Google's new Material Design. Recently, this app crossed a million downloads which is a great milestone for Nepali android apps lovers as well as developers.

Hamro Keyboard

The name itself suggests that this app helps compose texts in Nepali script. Hamro Keyboard supports three keyboard layouts—Unicode Transliteration, Madan Puraskar Pustakalaya (MPP) based Romanized layout, and traditional layout. This app has also crossed one million downloads.


This is one of the most innovative Nepali apps available thus far. It lets you discover more than 4,000 restaurants situated in different places around Kathmandu. Highly personalized and dynamic in nature, it will list out the nearest restaurants on the basis of your current location. It also provides details about the restaurants, deals and events, contact number, specialties, directions, etc. This app is one of the winners of the Google Business Group inspiring startups globally.


It's a local search application which gives essential information on hospitals, ATMs, banks, petrol pumps, and many other establishments nearby. nLocate has played a vital role in revamping the behavior of an end-user searching experience.


This app is a one stop solution for everyone vying for a position at government offices. The prime purpose of this app is to assist users in their preparation for the LokSewa exam conducted by Public Service Commission. Its prominent features are notices from the Public Service Commission, notes, practice questions, online tests and other preparation materials. This app has been selected as one of the finalists out of 53 contestants in the mBillionth Award South Asia 2015 for M-Education and Learning category.


This app is a platform for students preparing for entrance examinations at various institutions—Institute of Engineering, Institute of Medicine, Kathmandu University, BP Koirala Institute of Health Science, and Indian Embassy's exams, to name a few. MeroAnswer also provides real-time progress tracking and progress reporting for each subject.

Smart Krishi

This app was developed with the aim of keeping up the spirit of farming, strengthening the bond of different regions, and helping agriculture grow. Smart Krishi has set a remarkable mark in inspiring youth to take agriculture professionally by providing a pool of relevant information, agriculture news, market rates for agricultural products, etc for the empowerment of professional Nepali farmers.

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