| May 19, 2019

Four apps to make your holiday/travel easier

KATHMANDU, Nov 5: Now that Tihar is here, many of us living away from home will be heading back to our hometowns to celebrate the festival with our family and friends.

Some of us will also go on short trips around the country or even abroad. So, whether you are traveling back home or going for a two-day trip to Pokhara, we're sure you can make the most of these (free) apps.


Are you someone who puts off packing till the very last minute? Or are you the one who is confused about what to pack and ends up packing inconsequential things? PackPoint is the answer to this problem. This easy-to-use app will help you pack smartly. You need to type in the place you are heading to and the activities you're likely to do there. For example, if you have plans to hike in the nearby hills during your stay in Pokhara, you will be advised to carry hiking gear like sensible shoes and jackets. In short, PackPoint will help you pack accordingly to the destination and activities you will be doing. You can also pack for others and then send them the list via Facebook and email.

Hamro Patro

This is an app that has different things to offer you. It sources the latest news from different news portals so you can easily be updated on everything that's happening in the country. It also has the load shedding schedule, date converter (from Nepali calendar to the English and vice versa), daily horoscope in Nepali, and foreign exchange rates, among others. Hamro Patro now supports both Nepali and English languages.


This app is already very popular. You can keep in touch with anyone around the world through WhatsApp. Chat with friends, send pictures to your cousins, call up your parents, and send voice messages to your grandparents from anywhere in the world. You can keep your loved ones updated on your travel.


We tend to go overboard in our spending when we are holidaying and especially during festivals. There must be something about the leisurely atmosphere of holidays that makes us care less about our budget. This app will come in very handy if you want to keep track of your money and spending. The basic version of GoodBudget is free. You can plan your spending sum ahead of your holiday. You will be given 10 digital envelopes for different things like food, clothing, etc. As you put in the amount you have spent, it controls your expenditure and helps to manage your money effectively.