| July 23, 2019

‘Singha Durbar’ bringing the first female PM to Nepal

‘Singha Durbar’ bringing the first female PM to Nepal

KATHMANDU, Nov 6: On Tuesday evening, the much awaited TV show 'Singha Durbar' was launched at Jai Nepal Hall in Hattisar. The political drama has been in the news for giving Nepal its first female Prime Minister albeit in the silver screen.

The premiere show was launched by Onsari Gharti Magar, Nepal's first female Speaker of the Parliament, together with Alaina Teplitz, American ambassador to Nepal. Gauri Malla as PM Asha Singh also took the oath of office during the event.

Directed by Tsering Rhitar Sherpa, the TV series has 13 episodes and will air at 8:50 PM on Nepal Television every Sunday from November 15. More than 200 actors are cast in 'Singha Durbar' along with veteran actress Gauri Malla. Some of the actors are Ramesh Ranjan Jha, Prabin Khatiwada, Pramod Agrahari, Desh Bhakta Khanal, Sarita Giri, and Ramesh Budhathoki.

Speaker Magar stated that the show's premise of having prominent female leadership had turned to reality. At the same time, ambassador Teplitz said that the show was bringing more than just the fresh aspect of a female Prime Minister. "It's about the day-to-day truths of a thriving democracy—partnership and collaboration between citizens and their leaders," she said.

Funded by USAID and produced by Search for Common Ground, it took nine months of hard work to complete the show, said director Sherpa. The premiere screened some scenes from the first episode while screening the second one completely.

Sherpa shared that he was feeling excited, nervous and emotional about presenting 'Singha Durbar' to the audience. Admitting that he didn't have much knowledge about the system of governance before he started work on the show, he said that he learnt about politics and the way it functions as his work progressed.

He said, "The show uses an entertaining drama format to illustrate politics from the vantage point of Nepal's political leaders. We want citizens to feel some empathy for politicians who are making difficult decisions, reveal the complexity of real-life issues, connect people to their political system and encourage a sense of responsibility so they engage with that system."

According to Abinash Bikram Shah, lead writer for the drama, each episode has been thoroughly researched and covers issues that touch the lives of Nepali people from climate change to healthcare.

The video for the song 'Yo Karmabhumiko Aaganma' was also released at the event. Originally sung by Dipak Kharel, the new arrangement has the voices of Milan Amatya and Santosh Lama.