| May 19, 2019

Apps that please the art buff in you

Apps that please  the art buff in you
€Whether you are an art enthusiast or just looking for some fun way to pass the time, here are three apps you should have on your phone. The world of fun and entertainment is now boundless with these apps available day and night at your fingertips. Now go unleash your creative side.


If coloring is your idea of relaxing then hurry up and download the Colorfly app for your Android and Apple phones. With this app in your phone you can start coloring anyplace and anytime you like. Whip your phone out and color something as you wait for someone or while you're commuting. Now there's no need to wait till you get your hands on your coloring book and color pencils. Colorfly has different themes like Florals, Cats, Messages, Gardens, and Mandalas. There are many patterns inside each theme and you have a wide array of colors to choose from, but apart from the basic color palettes, others are not free. You can also zoom in on the patterns to color more effectively. There's an undo button if you're not satisfied with the colors or make a mistake. So ditch those expensive coloring books for this inexhaustible supply of fun coloring experience.

Brushes Redux

Are you an aspiring artist? Get this app to satisfy your artistic soul without the drag of cleaning your painting brushes. You will have many brush sizes to choose from, many layers to play with, and even be able to modify the opacity of the colors according to your needs. You can also add pictures from your phone and play around with that. After you’ve created a beautiful image, you can go ahead and Tweet it or post it on Facebook for your friends to admire.

Tayasui Sketches

Another one for those who like to draw is the Tayasui Sketches app. It has a watercolor brush, a pencil, a felt pen, etc. There are four layers for each drawing and you can also use the oil pastel and acrylic brush tools to conjure up beautiful drawings. To undo, swipe left with two fingers, and to save or share your drawing, you need to pinch in. Double tap the color bar to edit the intensity of the color you’re using. The professional tools are also offered free of cost for one hour. Import pictures from your camera and use the brushes to create something new from the picture. Let your creative side run free. The app is available in Apple products only.