| June 27, 2019

The Bard on Nepali stage

The Bard on Nepali stage
KATHMANDU, March 14: Heera (Sunisha Bajgain) is lost in her thoughts as she sits on a gently swaying hammock being rocked by Kiran (Avash Adhikari). Ever since her father fixed her marriage with Kiran, she has been in a dilemma because of her long love for Lalit (Sangeet Sapkota). As Heera and Kiran keep quiet for a long time, with Heera ignoring Kiran's presence, the stage suddenly reverberates with director Sunil Pokharel's 'Pheri Garau' (let's repeat).

This scene is from the rehearsal of Pokharel's new play 'A Midsummer Night's Sapana.' Pokharel is back on the theater stage after a gap of almost one year. He is in the process of adapting the world famous English playwright William Shakespeare's 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' in Nepali. The play has been jointly translated by Safar Pokharel, Balram Adhikari, Manu Manjil, Hari Poudel, and Pratiksha Kandel.
"I'm presenting the Bard's play on stage. Choreography and music are the priorities for this play. I'm very excited to be working on a romantic musical comedy," Pokharel said.

The play centers on the emotional relationship between a father and a daughter. There is also plenty of love and comedy. As the arrogant father gives his daughter's hand to Kiran, she is very unhappy. The story unfolds from there.

The music is being done by Baja Group while the choreography has been left to Pradeep Lama, who has been performing onstage in Sydney, Australia for the past nine years. His interest in acting was what brought him to Pokharel. Lama was part of Pokharel's play 'Nalapani.'

"I came to Sunil sir to learn about acting. But he gave me the responsibility of choreographing the play," Lama said, adding, "The audience will love every scene from this play. I've tried to incorporate music and dance together, and although this is a first attempt from my side, I believe it has come together really well."

"When it was fixed that I would be joining the cast of the film 'Ram Pyari,' I decided to come to Sunil sir to learn all about the nuances of acting. As we practice for the play, I'm identifying and working on my weaknesses. The play's going really well. We've been working on it for almost four months," said Avash.

'A Midsummer Night's Sapana' will be staged at Shilpee Theater in Battisputali from March 17 till April 16.