| October 24, 2018

Kanjirowa-Bullis to collaborate in Drone Test Fly in Nepal

Kanjirowa-Bullis to  collaborate in  Drone Test Fly in Nepal
KATHMANDU, March 26: Kanjirowa National Higher Secondary School organized an interactive program about the uses of drone and robotics technology for humanitarian objectives on Friday.

At the event, Michael C Kronmiller of Bullis School gave a presentation where he talked about utilizing drones in extreme environmental and manmade conditions. Kronmiller, who is also the USA team leader of Kanjirowa-Bullis STEM club Project Drone, explained that drones could be used to locate victims of natural disasters, help in disaster preparedness and also be used for reduction to minimize human casualties as well as survey areas after disaster, inspect vulnerable bridges and buildings, etc.

According to the press release, Kronmiller has been working since December 2013 to develop sensor-equipped, small unmanned aircraft systems to locate avalanche victims in Nepal and assist in wildlife conservation.

Project Drone is Kanjirowa-Bullis students-led project whose objective is to provide students information on drone technology and robotics. Kanjirowa has been working in partnership with the Maryland based Bullis School since last year for a student driven international collaborative Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) robotics project.

Principal Mahendra Khanal of Kanjirowa School said, "Our students have achieved knowledge on drone uses, its building and flying guidelines which are necessary information on science and robotics."

Kanjirowa-Bullis will be collaborating in a Drone Test Fly in Kathmandu and at Kala Patthar in Solukhumbhu district.

Kapil Dev Regmi, Executive Director of the school stated that it would encourage not just students of Kanjirowa-Bullis schools but also aspiring scientists of both countries.