| March 21, 2019

Folk artistes to compete in National Inter Dohori Saanjh Competition

KATHMANDU, March 31: Rastriya Lok Tatha Dohori Geet Pratisthan Nepal is organizing the 2nd National Inter Dohori Saanjh Competition on April 6. The five-day competition will take place in Bhrikuti Mandap at Exhibition Road.

According to Chandra Sharma, chairman of the organization, the objective behind organizing this contest is to make lok dohori music stronger and cultural.
With the theme of conserving folk music and culture, respecting experts in the field while also encouraging newcomers, the competition will last for five days.

"Twenty two groups have already registered for the competition but the registration process is still going on," Sharma said on Thursday during the press conference.

Lok dohori music has always been based mostly on love but, in the recent times, the songs have taken a vulgar turn and this competition should help in controlling this turn of events, he added.

In this effort to control vulgarity, the organizers have planned a lucky draw through which participants will get the subject matter for their songs.

One of the organizers, Durga Rayamajhi explained that chits containing original Nepali subjects will be prepared beforehand for the contestants to use. This will also test the artistes' talents and their skill to immediately come up with appropriate words.

The prize for the first position will be Rs 77,777 as well as the cost of recording one song and shooting the video for it. The promotion cost will also be provided by the contest. The winner will also get a running shield.

For the second and third position winners, the cash prize will be Rs 55,555 and Rs 22,222 respectively. The consolation prize winner will receive Rs 11,111.

Participants will be judged by Narayan Rayamajhi, Ambar Birahi Gurung and Prajapati Parajuli among others.

Tickets for the semi final event are priced at Rs 50 each while those interested to watch the final performance will have to pay Rs 100.