| March 20, 2019

“I’ve learnt everything by doing”

“I’ve learnt  everything by doing”
Annal Kumar Pradhan is Public Relations Executive at Hyatt Regency Kathmandu in Bouddha, where he has been working since February 2012. A graduate of Bachelor's in Information Management from St Xavier's College, this is his first job in the hospitality industry. "I think my communication skills make me a perfect fit for a PR professional," says this 28-year-old, adding that he absolutely loves his job.

A firm believer of working smart, here he shares with Republica the perks and challenges of his job, and his future career plans.

What got you interested in the hospitality industry?

I've always liked to challenge myself and explore new avenues. I saw an opening of the post at Hyatt, and since I was free during that time, I applied for it. Fortunately, I got in as well. I learnt most things here by doing and in the process fell in love with this industry.

So tell us about the perks of your job.

Well, I get to learn many aspects of hospitality industry, meet new people and especially try varieties of food.

And the challenges? How do you overcome them?

My job isn't just about establishing and maintaining public relations; there are many other aspects to it, too. Like, managing brand image/brand collaterals, corporate communications, media relations, in-house designer/photographer, reporting, budget preparation, etc. Hospitality is a sector in which I entered unprepared, and like I already said, I've learnt everything by doing, and I continue to do so. We have a Hyatt portal where we get to learn many aspects of the industry through an online training program, and we have in-house trainings, too.

Besides the in-house training, what else do you do to enhance your skills as a PR executive?

I read a lot. Being up-to-date is an essential part of my job. I do that via social media, and by reading local and international publications, blogs and books. It helps me to know what's happening locally and globally in the hospitality industry and prepare myself accordingly.

Is there any change you would like to adopt at your job?

Internet has been largely influential in all aspects of life today, and the marketing sector is no exception. Marketing these days is largely based online, and this is something I would like to focus on now. I'd like to adopt online marketing trends.

What factors in your current job motivate you?

Future prospects, opportunity to learn and grow, and handsome remuneration.

What about your career plans? Where do you see yourself in the long run?

I see myself leading the marketing communications department for other reputed hotels in Nepal or for other Hyatt properties abroad.