| May 19, 2019

Top leaders hail new statute as first by people’s representatives

KATHMANDU, Sept 17: After the Constitution Bill, 2015, was endorsed by an overwhelming majority of lawmakers on Wednesday, top leaders of major political parties said the deferred dream of Nepali people to write the country's constitution through a Constituent Assembly elected by them has eventually come true after 70 years.

As some agitating Tarai-Madhes based political parties chose to stay out of the process over differences on some issues of the new statute, the top leaders tried to strike a conciliatory note urging the agitating parties to come for talks, assuring them of addressing their genuine demands through amendments in the coming days.

UCPN (Maoist) Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal said the dream of Nepali people to promulgate a new constitution through their representatives eventually came true after 70 years. "The Constitution Bill has been passed through an overwhelming majority votes. This is the victory of Nepal as a country and self-esteem of Nepali people. This is also the victory of thousands of martyrs and those who still remain disappeared," Dahal said.

While adding that writing new constitution through people's representatives is not an ordinary achievement, Dahal congratulated all Nepali people living across the country and abroad for the achievement. "On this historic day, I urge all political parties who have chosen to stay out of the process to come for talks and move forward with amendments in the new statute through negotiations," he told media persons after the CA meeting endorsed the Constitution Bill.

Dahal said since the new constitution was not a holy script, and that it could be amended in changed contexts. "Constitution is not a holy script, but a dynamic document that can be amended. This is the victory of entire people," Dahal further said.

CA members were seen jostling for an opportunity to take a picture with Dahal, who had taken the bold decision to move the process of promulgating the new constitution forward despite the opposition from senior leaders of his party.

Prime Minister Sushil Koirala said the uncertainty whether the second CA could produce the new statute had ended with the endorsement of the new constitution. "This is the biggest achievement of all Nepali people. We should celebrate the day lighting candles and lights on September 20," he said.

Likewise, UML Chairman KP Oli said Nepali people got the long-awaited constitution. "This has ended the country's political transition. This has ended uncertainty surrounding the promulgation of new statute," he said.

CA Chairman Subas Nembang said the new constitution was drafted by people's representatives from the Tarai-Madhes to the hills to the mountains. "This is the result of the struggle made by people living in different regions of the country. Let's try to resolve remaining disputes on the foundation of this constitution. This is the most pro-people constitution ever," Nembang said.