| July 19, 2019

India ‘notes’ constitution promulgation in Nepal

India ‘notes’ constitution promulgation in Nepal
KATHMANDU, Sept 21: In an apparent dissatisfaction over the promulgation of new constitution through nearly 90 percent votes in the Constituent Assembly (CA) in Nepal, India said they 'note' the promulgation of new constitution in Nepal.

Although India in a statement said it always supported federalism, democracy and republican and inclusive constitution in Nepal, it has conspicuously refrained from welcoming the promulgation of the new constitution.

Issuing a statement on Sunday evening, the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) said India is concerned that the situation in several parts of Nepal bordering India continues to be violent. "We urge that issues on which there are differences should be resolved through dialogue in an atmosphere free from violence and intimidation, and institutionalized in a manner that would enable broad-based ownership and acceptance. This would lay the foundation of harmony, progress and development in Nepal," said the statement.

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