| July 19, 2019

Visit Nepal; Nepal is open for business: Prince Harry

Visit Nepal; Nepal is open for business: Prince Harry
KATHMANDU, March 20: Visiting British Prince Henry Charles Albert David 'Harry' has urged all those people around the world who want to help Nepal that this is a country open for business. "So please come and visit again," he added.

Prince Harry made such view during a reception hosted by Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs Kamal Thapa in his honour Saturday evening on the occasion of the bicentenary of Nepal-UK relations.

Similarly, he said, "I am honoured and excited to be here. When asked last year whether I would make this visit on behalf of Her Majesty to celebrate two hundred years of relations between our countries, I was delighted."

Prince Harry reminded that like so many people back home, he had grown up seeing beautiful images of Nepal in books and on television. He was sure Nepalis hear this all the time, but Nepal holds a special place in the imagination for so many people around the world.

"Many members of my family have visited Nepal, including my father and my mother, who were both warmly welcomed. And of course famously, Tenzing Norgay and Sir Edmund Hillary brought Nepal to the attention of the world when the news of their summiting of Everest broke on the morning of my Grandmother's coronation as Queen. What a way to steal the headlines!"

Moreover, he said for him this trip was also personal. He was so grateful that he would have the opportunity to pay tribute to some of Nepal's most famous ambassadors, the Gurkhas, admired the world over for their fearsome bravery and courage but also for their humility and kindness, he observed.

"I served alongside Gurkhas during my first tour of Afghanistan and I look forward to visiting the communities that have produced and supported these extraordinary soldiers. I also know that I arrive here in Nepal as you approach the first anniversary of the earthquakes that took so many lives and that you are working to recover from," the visiting UK Prince said, paying his respects to those who perished and hope to do what he could to shine a spotlight on the resolve and resilience of the Nepali people.

The UK Prince also looked forward to exploring Nepal's landscapes, celebrating Nepali culture, and hoped to make many new friends along the way.

"I would like to close by saying how grateful I am to the Government of Nepal for your invitation to mark and celebrate two centuries of relations between our countries. I cannot wait to get out and see all that this country has to offer," he shared the happiness.

'Bicentenary, an opportunity to build on past achievements'

On the occasion, DPM and Foreign Minister Kamal Thapa said Nepal attaches great importance to the bicentennial celebration of the historic relations between Nepal and UK. The presence of high-ranking authorities of Nepal including senior members of the government at the reception reflects a strong attachment that Nepal has with the UK.

Similarly, he said, "The bicentenary provides us with a rare and unique opportunity to build on the past achievements and add a new dynamics and momentum to the close and fruitful relations between our two countries and people.

He also reminded that he had the opportunity to attend on behalf of the Nepal government a bicentennial reception hosted by the UK government in London last December.

The DPM lauded the UK support to Nepal, saying the UK has supported the process of democratization in Nepal. It has also supported our peace process which concluded with the promulgation of the constitution. "The UK has been a valued partner in our development endeavours. Nepal government and the Nepalis have always appreciated generous support and cooperation received from the UK," he stressed. He thanked UK government for their prompt and generous humanitarian response in the aftermath of the devastating earthquake last year.

DPM Thapa reiterated that the principles of sovereign equality, commitment to the principles and purpose of the Charter of the UN, respect for international law and the value of the world peace are the guiding principles that give direction to our relations.

"I'm sure that the presence of the Royal Highness during the current challenging times in Nepal will not only add to the strength and resolve of the friendly Nepali people to rise stronger out the multiple crises of recent rimes, but also raise more awareness and goodwill towards Nepal in the UK and beyond," observed the DPM.

He hoped that the Royal Highness's planned visits to the world heritage sites in Patan and Bhaktapur areas would strengthen the Nepal's resolve to rebuild the damaged and destroyed heritages sites.

The DPM also recalled the previous royal visits from Britain to Nepal. RSS