| April 22, 2018

Govt fails in post-quake reconstruction, resettlement: Deuba

Govt fails in post-quake reconstruction, resettlement: Deuba
KATHMANDU, April 16: Nepali Congress (NC) President Sher Bahadur Deuba has said that although a year is about to elapse since the April 25 earthquake in the country, the government was not able to carry out the reconstruction and resettlement works.

At the second assembly of the NC Palpa Kathmandu Liaison Committee organized in the capital city, President Deuba commented that the country was still gripped by the fear of earthquake.

Deuba, also former Prime Minister, further said, " Public are still bearing the brunt of the quake and the government is unable to do the needful."

Expressing his confidence that the new Nepali year would offer resolutions to the issues emanated in the last year, he opined that no issues related to the newly promulgated constitution would be resolved until the issues in Tarai are addressed.

Also, speaking at the porgramme, NC Treasurer Sitadevi Yadav remarked that it was painful to see the government taking forever to avail distribution to the quake-survivors.

She pledged that new leadership in the NC was focused in forging unity in the party and further consolidating it into a stronger party.

Similarly, another NC leader and parliamentarian Gagan Thapa pointed out the need for moving ahead by resolving the political issues in terms of implementing the new statute.

He stressed on the implementation of new constitution for institutionalizing the achievements of various political movement. RSS