| May 19, 2019

UML Secy Bhattarai urges Madhesi parties not to stage protest

KAPILVASTU, April 20: CPN-UML Secretary Yogesh Bhattarai has urged the agitating Madhesh-centric political parties not to further wage any agitation as their prime demand - amendment of the new constitution - had already been addressed.

Speaking to journalists at Kapilvastu Constituency No 4 today, Bhattarai further said that the incumbent government was facing the challenges of holding the local elections and other important development works.
Hence, Bhattarai spoke of the need for the cooperation from all political parties, including Madhesh-centric parties and the main opposition, Nepali Congress.

Bhattarai, who is also Chief of the Publicity Department of CPN (UML), stated that the NC should also join the incumbent government as per the gentleman agreement reached in the past.

Stating that the country was at a juncture of very tough times, he requested the disgruntled Madheshi leaders not to further protest. RSS