| July 19, 2019

Minister Pokharel reaffirms the implementation of provisions related to ECDC

KATHMANDU, JUNE 15: Minister for Education Giriraj Mani Pokharel has reaffirmed his commitment to implement the provisions related to the Early Childhood Development in the recently endorsed Education Act (Eight Amendment) Bill-2072 BS.

Inaugurating a conference jointly organized by the Ministry of Education (MoE), National Early Childhood Development Council (ECDC) and UNICEF here today, Minister Pokharel said that a separate new Education Act will be formulated in line with the federal set up to incorporate the issues failed to include in the new amendment.

The Legislature-Parliament, after an untiring effort of six years, passed the Education Act (Eight Amendment) Bill- 2072 on June 4 aiming to restructure the education sector in the country.

Stating that the government was effortful to develop quality education system in the country, Pokharel said, "Although the education sector could not fetch budget as expected in the budget estimates for fiscal year 2016/017, we will launch result-oriented programmes in the childhood development sector in collaboration with other ministries."

Similarly, Ranju Kumari Jha, Chairperson of the Women, Children and Senior Citizen Committee under the Legislature-Parliament, expressed her confidence that more that 90 per cent of the issues, anomalies surfaced in the education would be addressed with the effective implementation of the new Education Bill.

She underscored the need to incorporate the Early Childhood Development Centre should in the school education.

Bishwa Prakash Pandit, Secretary of the MoE emphasized the development and promotion of the Early Childhood Development in a form of a campaign as he argued that it was important for a holistic development of citizen.

Parliamentarian Rukmani Chaudhary admitted that the issue of Early Childhood Development could secure a separate cluster.

Likewise, Khagaraj Baral, Director General at the Department of Education, pledged that the ECDC will execute various plans and programmes to ensure quality education to every child.

UNICEF representative Raunak Khan shared that the organization has been providing technical and financial aid to the 'Sunaula 1000 din ' (Golden 1000 days) campaign.

The campaign has a bearing to the fact that a baby's brain develops by 80 per cent within the first 1,000 days wherein so many factors are to be taken into account for a holistic development of a child.

A data shows that there are around 500,000 children of 3-5 years age group, of which the number of those enrolled in the Early Childhood Development Centre stand at 62.4 per cent. RSS