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BIRATNAGAR, June 18 : “Except for Koirala residence and the airport, there's no noticeable place in Biratnagar for visitors.” That's a statement of a noted intellectual in Biratnagar Ram Babu Dahal delivered in frustrated tone and further adding that the city, which he feels is very important for the nation, has never seen actual development.

“Neither the government nor the locals could improve the situations. In fact, if you look at it now, things have gone worse from bad,” he stated. Biratnagar is indeed over a century year old city. Oldest sub - metropolitan city of the country however is still waiting to wear a look like one. Locals lament that the city has never received due attention of politicians and officials.

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Nepal-India officials discuss border pillars CHITWAN,june 18:The security officials of Nepal and India held discussion on border pillars.

The meeting reviewed the achievements made so far by the border pillars field survey team and discussed the bilateral border management issues, said Chitwan Chief District Officer Binod Prakash Singh.

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3,000 quake victims receive relief GORKHA, June 18: A total of 3,258 locals of Gorkha district, the epicenter of last year's earthquake, are set to receive their first installment grant amount for the reconstruction of their quake-damaged homes.

According to Local District Officer Narayan Acharya, Rs 163 million has been set aside for the quake victims of Hansapur, Saurpani and Barpak VDCs. Each household will receive Rs 50,000.

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18 doctors arrested for 'fake' educational certificates'

KATHMANDU, June 18: A special team of police on Friday arrested a eighteen doctors from Birgunj, Biratnagar, Janakpur and Chitwan reportedly for their fake educational certificates.

Among the arrested, nine doctors are from Birgunj, three from Biratnagar, two from Janakpur and three from Chitwan.

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SLC supplementary exams termed inappropriate KATHMANDU, June 18:The Office of the Controller of Examinations (OCE) has announced that it would allow SLC students who scored D or E in two subjects as per the letter grading system to take supplementary exams.

Among the total 588,152 students who appeared in the SLC this year, 147,583, including 39,257 from the exempted group, will have a chance to sit the SLC supplementary exams to be held from July 29 to August 5.

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Minister urges teachers not to bring politics into classrooms MYAGDI, June 18: Education Minister Giriraj Mani Pokharel said that the trend of teachers entering school premises with political motive would be brought to an end. He stressed the need to select teachers on the basis of their qualification rather than under pressure from political parties.

“Teachers are not supposed to bring in their political ideologies into classrooms. Such teachers who are more dedicated to politics than their teaching occupation should resign.

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Rehabilitated dacoit community returning to crime SIRAHA,June 18:There was a time when Jhija and Akaura villages in Siraha were notorious as a haven for dacoits. Robbers and dacoits here were so powerful that even security personnel would not dare to enter the villages. Among the 400 households in the two villages, 135 households from 'Paswan' community would identify themselves as dacoits without hesitation. But in 1980 things chaged. The government decided to rehabilitate them in society.

The government provided them a total of 416 bigha of land and encouraged them to engage in farming. In addition, the government also provided them food rations. Following such support from the government, many people of this community quit robbery and started making their livelihoods through agriculture. While some left the village for foreign employment, some even became ascetics. However, after decades, robbers and dacoits are again surfacing in the district, according to police.

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Revoke licenses of wayward manpower agencies: House panel KATHMANDU, June 18: The International Relations and Labor Committee of Parliament on Friday directed the Ministry of Labour and Employment not to renew license of manpower agencies that have not submitted their transaction details to the government.

The committee has also instructed the ministry to cancel license of fraud manpower agencies that been taking huge amount of money from migrant workers in the name of service fees.

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Health workers told to brace for outbreaks during monsoon KATHMANDU, June 18:The Epidemiology and Disease Control Division (EDCD) has directed health workers not to take frequent leaves during monsoon as the chances of an outbreak of communicable diseases are really high during the period.
Officials said that they have also asked health officials to arrange substitutes for health workers who are on leave.
"We have alerted the health workers serving in the government health facilities across the country to be extra careful during monsoon," Dr Baburam Marasini, director at the EDCD, said.

Hundreds of thousands of people get infected with communicable diseases like diarrhea, cholera, dysentery, jaundice, typhoid, vector borne diseases like malaria, kalajar, dengue, Japanese encephalitis and others during monsoon every year.

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Police arrest cheaters KATHMAN DU, June 17: Metropolitan Police Crime Division (MPDC) has arrested two persons accusing them of swindling earthquake victims. According to police, they cheated earthquake victims promising them of sending them to Japan. The arrested are Japanese citizen Hiroshi Morikawa, 55 and Bajra Gurung, a resident of Kathmandu Metropolitan -2, Lazimpat.]]> (REPUBLICA) SOCIETY Fri, 17 Jun 2016 20:04:19 +0545