| July 19, 2019

Drive aims to root out misconducts from public transport

KATHAMANDU, July 16: Metropolitan Police Crime Division (MPCD) of Nepal Police launched a 10-day campaign on July 5 to curb the problems of pick pocketing, molestation and harassment in passenger vehicles.

A total of 169 miscreants were arrested during the 10-day campaign. Out of those apprehended by the police, 91 were held for pickpocketing, 36 for harassing passengers, four on charges of human trafficking and four others for sexual harassment.
The campaign, billed as Safety and Security in Transportation, was initiated in collaboration with civil society groups working for women and children as well as transport entrepreneurs of the valley.

The program was carried out in three phases.

In the first phase, plainclothesmen from MPCD traveled in public vehicles for the first five days. In phase two, the police collaborated with the vehicle staffs.

"We urged the drivers and conductors to join hands in the effort as our campaign would not be effective without the involvement of the parties directly concerned," said Superintendent of Police Buddhi Raj Gurung.

According to Gurung, it helped the drivers and their helps understand their responsibility and make them aware of the role they can play for ensuring safety of women and children in vehicles.

Drivers were also instructed to remain watchful of traffickers and immediately inform the police in case of any suspicion.

In the final phase of the campaign, public interactions were organized at different places like Lagankhel, Kalanki, Sundhara, New Buspark, Old Buspark, Chabahil, Maharajgunj, Gaushala and Balkhu. At such interactions, members of public as well as public transportation staffers exchanged views.

"Participation of transport union leaders, drivers and their assistants in the campaign was encouraging. They have pledged to improve the public transportation sector," said Senior Superintendent of Police Sarbendra Khanal, the brain behind the campaign. "Strict regulations coupled with some awareness and cooperation from concerned parties is bound to bring changes," Khanal stressed.

"The previous drive to ensure that women got the seats reserved seats for them on public vehicles has been a success" said Rita Shakya, a public member attending the interaction program at New Buspark. "This campaign, too, will succeed if we work together. Maybe one day we will be able to travel in public vehicles without fearing any hassles."