| May 19, 2019

King's College takes affiliation of accredited Westcliff University

King's College takes affiliation of accredited Westcliff University
KATHMANDU, Sept 8: King's College is now affiliated with Westcliff University, an accredited American university. The government had approved the accreditation of the college in the last week of September. Earlier, King's College had an affiliation with International American University with no QAA/accreditation.

The government has made it mandatory for educational institutions to take affiliation from QAA/accredited universities within five years. The first amendment of the directive on giving higher secondary education in affiliation with foreign universities, 2015, states that the education institutions providing bachelor's or higher level education need to take affiliation of QAA/accredited universities to ensure quality education.
King's College Executive Director Narottam Aryal said that students can obtain a foreign degree in Nepal at just 20 percent of the cost required to study abroad.

"We are committed to provide quality and international-level education to students and create job opportunities for them at a lower cost in Nepal," said he. He said that at least 30,000 Nepali students fly abroad every year to pursue higher education spending a huge amount of money.

King's College has been running a four-year Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), two-year Masters in Business Administration (MBA) and MBA in Entrepreneurship programs for the last six years.

The students at King's College get access to digital portfolio, writing center and career counseling.