| June 27, 2019

Authorities not bothered about reconstruction and renovation of border pillars

ILAM, Nov 6: At a time when national issues with India is taking a serious turn, it has been found that the concerned stakeholders are not bothered about protection and conservation of border pillars with the southern neighbor.

The alleged border encroachment by India in various districts has been making headlines time and again. The concerned authorities have come under scrutiny for remaining mum regarding this issue.
Authorities are yet to divert their attention toward the renovation of damaged pillars and replacing the lost ones in Far-Western Development Region.

In the Eastern Development Region, the Border Administration Office (BAO) of Pashupatinagar had conducted field visits and submitted a detailed report on lost and damaged pillars from Sidin VDC of Panchthar district to Jirmale VDC of Ilam district, five years ago. However, the higher authorities are yet to initiate any work on renovation and reconstruction of the pillars.

The report was prepared in 2010 under the leadership of Yagya Prasad Acharya, the then office head. It had pointed out about five lost pillars, five damaged ones and two completely destroyed pillars. Immediate action for their renovation and reconstruction was suggested by the report. Likewise, the report had suggested to repainting symbol numbers on five pillars that had faded away.

"As the country is going through lots of political turmoil, no plans and projects have been designed at the moment," said Yagya Niraula, current head of the BAO. "Even suggestions given by the old reports have not been implemented," he added.

According to him, all the pillars facing the Nepali side are not in even shape and size. The report has also claimed that many of the road turnings of India have touched Nepal's border and India has encroached the Das Gaja areas (no man's land). Indians have even built makeshift houses there.