| June 24, 2019

No need for serious probe in Maitighar car crash: Police

Photo Courtesy: Arthik daily The Volkswagen after the accident. Photo Courtesy: Arthik daily The Volkswagen after the accident.
KATHMANDU, Dec 17: Following controversy over Saturday's high-speed road accident at Maitighar in the capital, Metropolitan Police Traffic Division has been collecting details of the incident that left three injured, including Sambhav Sirohiya, who was driving the car (Ba 12 Cha 6100). Sambhav is the son of Kantipur Media Group Chairman Kailash Sirohiya.

Police were criticized for trying to cover up details of the incident, taking it as a regular accident that is commonplace in Kathmandu. Police officials said the Division was collecting additional details on the incident that occurred early morning on a Saturday while traffic police were not on duty around the site.

According to Traffic Police, Sambhav Sirohiya was at the wheel and two other were in the back, including Saurab Pahari who was seriously injured and is under treatment at Norvic Hospital.

"After Traffic Police was informed about the incident, police personnel rushed to the site to collect a field report," said DIGP Jaya Bahadur Chand, chief of the Division. As the driver confessed to speeding and sought help from the police for rescue efforts and there was no death involved, the need for a serious probe did not arise, DIG Chand said.

If drunk-driving is established, police will take action, he said. But police officials at the Division said there was no medical examination carried out soon after the accident. They argued that medical treatment for the injured was priority..

Criticizing media reports, DIGP Chand said, "There is no point hiding the facts and details of the road accident as the driver, the vehicle and witnesses were on site to support police investigations." The driver himself was a casualty, so no additional probing was necessary, he added.

According to police the Thapathali-bound Volkswagen went out of control and crashed into a lamp post and pillar. After the injured were rushed to hospital, Traffic Police cleared the site and carried the crashed vehicle to the Traffic Police Office at Ramshah Path.