| May 19, 2019

Journalist Deepak Adhikari wins energy fellowship

Journalist Deepak Adhikari Journalist Deepak Adhikari
KATHMANDU, Jan 19: Deepak Adhikari, a Kathmandu based freelance journalist and contributor to Republica, has been awarded Access to Energy Journalism Fellowship.

Adhikari, who previously reported for this daily on former Maoist women combatants and water issues on the Koshi River, will explore access to energy in the rural regions for Republica.

He would also examine the state intervention in rural energy sector and solutions to the energy crisis facing poor communities.

“I am delighted that I got this opportunity to report on an important issue facing Nepal. In the past few months, we have faced an unprecedented energy crisis. I hope to investigate many aspects of energy crisis to illuminate this under-reported story,” Adhikari told Republica.  

Adhikari joins eight other fellows from Bangladesh, Zimbabwe, Cameroon, Canada, Romania, Mexico and Kiribati.

“By supporting these journalists to report on the issue in their region, Access to Energy Journalism Fellowship aims to deepen energy poverty reporting on the local level,” Discourse Media, Canada-based organizer of the fellowship, said in a statement on Tuesday.

“By then bringing those reports together on a global platform in the form of a multimedia series, it will also paint a global picture of the energy poverty landscape, and examine what potential solutions exist,” the statement said.