| March 20, 2019

Locals volunteer, donate to save school

PARBAT, Jan 26: While many schools in Parbat have shut down due to lack of students, locals of rural Hoshrangdi VDC of the district have started contributing free labor and donations in an attempt to keep a local school running.

“We are having problems because we have to hire additional teachers apart from those appointed by the government,” said Chetan Prashad Rana, principal of Gorlangdham Primary School in Hosrangdi VDC-2. “If this school is closed, students from the village will be forced to walk for one-and-a-half hours to reach the nearest school. The guardians themselves started this campaign to save the school,” he added.

As part of the campaign, locals will contribute six day's labor each year for the maintenance of school and donate money for paying the salary to additional teachers.

The school decided to appoint additional teachers as it found the number of teachers deputed by the government insufficient, the school claimed.

Out of the 13 teachers working at the school, the government only pays for nine.

As per the campaign, the highest-earning member of each family of Hosrangdi ward number 4, 5 and 9 can contribute one day's salary to the school per year. The school would be able to collect over Rs 50,000 annually through such donations.

Locals also collect money for the school through deusi-bhailo program and during harvest seasons. “The locals engage in collective cultivation and the money earned by selling the crops are deposited into the school's account,” said Ishori Prashad Bhusal, a local.

“Parents themselves come to the school to donate their one day's salary. Their love and support has helped to keep the school running,” said Rana, the school principal.