| July 19, 2019

Authorities fail to rein in Illegal hostels in Myagdi

MYAGDI, March 17: Although many hostels in Myagdi district are running illegally, the authorities have failed to make them comply with the rules.

While the District Education Office claims to have issued a notice asking the operators to follow all the legal procedures required for opening a hostel, the call has gone unheeded so far.
The hostels are increasingly becoming a nuisance for the neighborhood where they are located as there is nobody to control the loud noise and gang fights that regularly erupt in or near them.

Part of the reason why these illegal facilities have been flourishing is that people who run colleges, political party leaders, and teachers from community schools are involved in the business.

"We have already written to the hostel operators explaining them the due legal process for opening a hostel. The sooner they understand the better," said Dalbahadur Thapa, school inspector at the District Education Office.

According to him, only two hostels applied to legalize their operation.

According to the directives that regulate hostel operations, apart from proper documents, a security deposit of Rs 200,000 must be deposited in the bank account specified by the DEO.

The District Education Office had taken no notice of the illegal hostels in rural areas before the death on Tuesday of Anil Piya, 16, a student who had been lodged at one of the hostels to prepare for the upcoming SLC exams, while swimming in the Myagdi River.

The hostels run extra classes for secondary, higher secondary and college level subjects just to skim money from parents who can afford to pay the fees.

The trend of community school students staying in hostels rather than attend the formal classes is on the rise since the hostels began to operate extra classes.