| October 24, 2018

Students without teachers in new academic session too

ILAM, April 14: Many students in Ilam district had appeared in the recently concluded SLC exams without teachers, especially of science and mathematics. Though the new academic session is set to begin soon, plights of students would remain unchanged as 11 schools in the district still do not have teachers for these two subjects.

As many as 40 students of Ektappa-based Janakalyan High School wrote their SLC examinations without guidance of teachers after the teachers of mathematics and science had left the school without completing their subject courses. Though a primary-level teacher assisted them in studies at the last moment before the exams began, it was too little and too late.
"The primary-level teacher was not used to our subject matter," said an SLC-appeared student from the school. Students would continue to be deprived of teachers' guidance this academic session too if the schools fails to take timely initiative to find the subject teachers.

"It is not that we did not inform the District Education Office (DEO) of our plight," said Durga Limbu, the school principal. "Yet, it yielded no result. We had no choice but to ask our primary-level teachers to guide the SLC examinees."

According to him, teachers refuse to get deputed to the school as the area is considered rural. "Even those who get transferred here do not stay for long due to the difficult topography," said Limbu. Some students even walk for about two hours to reach the school. Yet, they do not get to study properly in lack of all subject teachers.

Similar is the plight of Jasbire-based Balmandal High School. Although the new academic session is just a few days away, the school still does not have teachers for science and mathematics. Eighteen students from the school had given the recently concluded SLC exams without teachers' guidance.

Stakeholders suspect that the SLC pass rate from the district would drop this year, citing that students are still haunted by the devastating earthquake in addition to the lack of teachers.

"We had earlier called for teachers of the relief quota," said Damba Subedi, an officer at the District Education Office (DEO), Ilam. "But we did not get a single application."

Subedi further added that the DEO would immediately grant permission to schools willing to open application for teachers' recruitments, if they do not have teachers.