| March 21, 2019

Rs. 1.7 million collected through social media to construct school blocks

BAITADI, April 22: Graduates of Nagarjun Higher Secondary School of Sharmali VDC in Baitadi district have collected more than Rs 1.7 million through social media for the construction of a library building and computer lab. The total amount was pledged online by 93 people.

The campaign, 'Let's donate possible amount for school building construction,' was initiated by the students and posted on Facebook page, one of the most popular social networks, to urge people to donate for the construction of the school blocks. The donated amount is being sent to the school's account at the NCC bank of the district. The donors have pledged to donate from Rs 5,000 to 100,000 for this initiative.
The donors include ex-students of the school and various other people.

The alumni created a group chat named 'Nagarjun Higher Secondary School's building construction 2072' to generate funds for their noble cause. The former students, who are employed in various places in national and international level, are contributing the amount and the number of donors still continues to rise, according to one of the school teachers Mahamal Singh Saud.

Since the students' academic performance was not improving without a library, the school is set to construct a building with two rooms for the library and a computer lab with the collected funds. With the continuous help from the locals, an IT class will be also be commenced from the next academic session, the school authorities informed. The donors have also donated computers, books and other educational materials.