| July 23, 2019

84 rescued from abroad two months, thanks to police helpline

KATHMANDU, April 29: Sarita (name changed) from Syangja was taken to Macau, China by two agents of Compass Manpower based at New Baneshwar two years ago. She was made to believe that her monthly income would be above MOP 5,000 dollars (around Rs 66,000) for working at a cultural dance center. She was flown to Macau in a tourist visa and upon landing there, two Nepalis who worked Compass Manpower sold her to a Chinese man, who kept her hostage.

Sarita was forced to undergo sexual and physical abuse for almost two years. Fortunately, Nepali community in Macau heard about the case and reported the incident at 1177, a toll-free number activated by Metropolitan Crime Division (MCD) of Nepal Police.
She was rescued and brought to Nepal a month and a half ago with the help of the Non-Resident Nepali (NRN) community while the owner of Compass Manpower, Subash Thapa Magar, has been detained by the MCD for investigation on trafficking charges.

Many other women and men have been rescued from Macau, India, Oman, Dubai, South Africa and Saudi Arabia in the last two months.

MCD chief Sarbendra Khanal said that they have been able to arrest manpower agents and others involved in duping people through promises of foreign employment.

"Apart from rescuing people on the basis of complaints filed at the toll-free number 1177, we have arrested several individuals involved," said he, "The main purpose of setting up Victim support and Coordination Unit is to provide justice to the people who have become victims in the name of foreign employment."

Figures at the MCD show that 84 Nepalis have already been rescued after the toll-free line 1177 was activated two months ago.

Earlier, a team of MCD had raided 17 manpower agencies on the basis of complaints filed by victims. The manpower companies had stages a series of protest against the raid terming it as police 'interference' in their business.