| July 23, 2019

'Nepal-India Tharu community too share roti-beti relations'

'Nepal-India Tharu community too share roti-beti relations'
CHITWAN, April 29: A general convention of Nepal-India Tharu community converged issuing a three-point declaration on Friday.

The declaration issued after the convention at Sauraha, Chitwan on Wednesday and Friday states progress on political, social, cultural and educational sectors of the community.
Addressing the convention, Consular of Indian Embassy in Nepal Anju Ranjan said the Tharu communities in Nepal and India share many things in common. "Not only Madhesi community of Nepal but also Tharu community of Nepal share roti-beti relationship with India," she said.

Ranjan declared an aid of Rs 50 million for the construction of Tharu museum in Chitwan. She also said that she would she would take necessary initiatives to allocate scholarships for diligent Tharu students. "We are also ready to work to curb sickle cell anemia common in only Tharu community of Nepal," she added, "Please come up with the projects."

The convention was attended by more than 300 politicians, intellectuals, youths and representatives of various organizations.