| March 20, 2019

Rapist sentenced to 23 years in jail

Rapist sentenced to 23 years in jail
BHAKTAPUR, May 13: Bhaktapur District Court on Friday sentenced Nar Bahadur Shrestha alias Rajkumar of Urlabari Municipality-3, currently staying in Madhyapurthimi-16, to 23 years in jail along with a fine of Rs 100,000 on the charges of child abduction, rape and murder.

A single bench of Justice Lipta Bahadur Thapa issued a verdict on Shrestha who had been arrested on the charge of kidnapping a six-year-old girl and raping her in the field of Manoharaphant on February 19.

Similarly, the District Court also remanded Kabiraj Thapa, 25, and Pravin Karki of Sindhupalchowk, Sagachowk-7, currently staying at Madhyapurthimi Municipality-15, to prison for investigation.

They were arrested on the alleged charge of raping three girls at Hobnob Restaurant based in Jagate, Bhaktapur.